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Everything You Need to Know About Sales Enablement

Around half of the time that B2B sales teams use in prospecting is all a waste due to unproductive prospecting. When it comes to how more and more businesses are operating today, they put more value in their customers. They make sure to only use the most latest tactics as well as the most effective sales methodologies. This part is where sales enablement comes into the picture. Now, what is sales enablement all about and its importance in your B2B organization?

If you say sales enablement, you are referring to a set of platforms, processes, and practices that will boost the overall performance of your sales teams. They help boost your revenue by acquiring new customers. For this reason, you will notice how a lot of B2B organizations are working with B2B agencies. These agencies will be evaluating the performance of these organizations in terms of their sales processes. It will then be up to them to provider recommendations on new technologies and process optimizations. What they recommend are those that can improve effectiveness and operations. There are a few things that you need to understand about sales enablement so that you will find out more about its importance on your B2B organization.

One of the key roles that sales enablement plays in B2B organizations is aligning its marketing and sales. It is very easy to see sales and marketing teams that aren’t properly aligned that belong in the same B2B organization. For many years, it has been deeply ingrained in the minds of business people that a lead has to engage with marketing first before they go to a sales representative. However, 65% of these sales reps cannot find any content to provide their prospects. For sales teams, this is one of the most common complaints for them.

There is one of two things that have led to this situation. First, the marketing team might have fell short in qualifying their leads as well as sufficiently educating them before handing them off to sales. Second, the sales teams might not have been making the most of their marketing assets to continue nurturing and educating their prospects and turning them into new customers. With the help of sales enablement, one can assess and identify this kind of breakdown. There will be recommendations of methods too that will help bridge the gap that these two teams have created. This guarantees that prospects will be engaged from awareness to revenue.

Another role that sales enablement plays is building on the B2B demand generation. Over the years, marketing was the sole owner of all activities required in B2B demand generation. However, one must know that these activities are a shared one between sales and marketing teams. With the help of sales enablement, sales teams have a role of equal importance as that of marketing teams in lead generation and nurturing.

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